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Welcome to my World


A Working Artist Studio ...that's where you will find me.....

Katie Gardenia and my dog Mo Possum.


I am a full-time TEXTILE/ FIBER ARTIST creating one-of-a-kind Art Dolls, faeries, mermaids and birds, unique knitted handbags, felted dream pillows, hand-stitched silk felted scarves, hand-colored knitted gift cards, beaded, tatted and crocheted necklaces, hand-dyed wool hooked wall hangings and rugs and hand felted objects of Art.


Over the years (which are many) I truly believe that I am a GYPSY.... having moved, remodeled, and lived in 34 houses, one a haunted monastery, a 200 year old post office, a cottage on a Barrier island with only six other Cottages there that was accessible only by boat and no electricity & to use my phone I had to climb on the roof to get reception! " It's the right brained artist in me" following what my heart sees and loves and not my brain saying "Maybe you should think about this! " before you LEAP!!


I have created art for as long as I can remember, designing and sewing my own clothing in the 60's for myself and my daughter, studying rug hooking and becoming a devote "HOOKER", opened a Cottage Industry creating One of a Kind handbags employing the disabled and women of color who could not go out of their homes to work, and from the late 1970's through the early 1990's I created and ran, cooked, and baked my cakes at The Bubble Room restaurant on Captiva Island, Orlando Florida, and Weaverville, North Carolina, and the Mermaid Kitchen on Sanibel, Florida. Those years I wrote about in my book "A Bubble Moment" and I can honestly say I am not missing being in the kitchen ... the Gypsy in me was ready to move on to the next journey in my life creating my art in and day out which is my passion.... my life!


My brain is filled with new ideas and my fingers always ready to sew and create in this latter part of my life I am doing what makes me the most happy - My ART !! I am hoping that you enjoy what I create, and from my heart I thank each and every one of you who have supported me over the years and for the NEW SOULS that have just discovered me, I take you by the hand and hope you will enjoy and delight in my website.



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