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All kindred spirits are welcome here. Take my hand, and I’ll lead you through a mythically and magical world. Fairies, mermaids, and like characters are part of your dream here. A little tickle to your fancy and you’ll be wanting to stay awhile. Inspiration turns colorful fabrics, sprigs of yarn and feathers into a metamorphosis of playfulness. Paints and beads collude together, and a creature comes to life. Each of my dolls is born with a magical and romantic process that speaks as I create them. They have their own personality that emerges with a story to tell.

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Artist’s Devotion to Detail:

To fashion my handmade figures, I use all natural materials. Some of the patterns are drawn on by hand, each being unique to the next one. Each body has moving joints with painted on faces with colored German dried chalk. I use human, dog, llama hair and yarns for their crowning glory. I like to incorporate into each magical figure various objects like pine cones, sea shells and native pods. My techniques include knitting, needlework, crocheting, tatting, fabric painting and dyeing, handmade felting, beading and shaping out of clay and wax. Learn more...